I knew it would happen eventually. Amidst all the Comcast phone calls, spackling holes, unpacking, cleaning and swim team practices, life would slow down for just a moment and the realization of what we left would hit us. It happened to Trevor as we were saying goodnight. “I’m sad Dad.” We talked about how strange … Continue reading


We have returned to a different, new place. The people we love are all here and the anticipated love and support they greeted us with has been incredible. But the place has changed. Amazon now owns 15% of downtown and Pearl Jam is playing on the classic rock station. Seattle is all puffed up and … Continue reading

Here We Come

The emotional goodbyes are done, our apartment is cleaned out, 400 lbs of baggage is checked and our two cats have survived the first leg of their journey: the bus to the airport. A little time in the wheelchair bathroom calmed their nerves (and allowed me the joyful opportunity to rinse out the cat pee) … Continue reading

June 6

This is actually in the future, but June 6th will be the afternoon we open the door¬†to our beautiful home after being away for 6 years. We left with two little kids and will welcome¬†two not-so-little boys (and two well-traveled cats) into this special place. We are actually looking forward to settling in, redoing our … Continue reading